Press release: Aboard the Good Ship

Zoomst releases debut rock-opera Aboard the Good Ship

Musical art project Zoomst (Percy Cole, Ian Lloyd, Connell Rose, Jake Gartenstein) has released their debut album, a feature-length conceptual journey conjured through their grandiose rock-fusion sound. Aboard the Good Ship is a vibrant and audacious step into a sci-fi parallel universe that blurs the lines between metaphor and absurdity. 

Those eagerly awaiting Aboard the Good Ship in Spring 2024 were treated to a waterfall release in 3 chapters of 3 songs each, culminating on April 19 with an immersive full-album performance to a packed house at the Rabbit Hole in New Orleans. The smashing release extravaganza featured an extended Zoomst lineup that indluded all the instrumentalists who contributed to the recording.

The music is a rich tapestry of genres, blending rock, symphonic, funk, hip hop, and progressive styles, enrobed by electronic sound design flourishes. Influences from the likes of Queen, Genesis, Phish, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Muse are masterfully blended with fresh ideas, creating a sound that is both strikingly novel and deeply rooted in musical tradition. 

The storyline places the listener as the protagonist, who uncovers a grand conspiracy involving the fate of humankind. The meta-narrative wryly satirizes late-stage capitalism in psychedelia, weaving in themes of exploitation, greed, unreliable perception, media influence, and the power of conspiracy theories. Amidst the chaos and humor, the album conveys a message of hope, trust, and the potential for human unity and progress.

The album's production, helmed by Joe Kalb (George Porter, Jr.), features guest appearances from Mike Dillon (Les Claypool, Punkadelick), Miles Lyons (New Orleans Nightcrawlers, California Honeydrops), and more, adding depth and variety to the orchestration. The cover art, painted by the legendary Ricardo Ponce, exquisitely encapsulates the cosmic and forward-thinking themes of the album with its depiction of a futuristic city and pyramids within a mystical spacescape.

Zoomst is supporting the album with several tours featuring unique setlists at every concert, showcasing the eclectic energy of their music. Plans for a double vinyl release will launch with a preorder campaign in the coming year. The band hopes that Aboard the Good Ship will inspire listeners to believe in the positive growth of humanity and the power of the collective in addressing global challenges. This album, representing years of dedication, is a testament to Zoomst's commitment to creating dynamic, intricate, and impactful music that evokes a wide range of complex emotions.

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